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Product Features

  • View and compare average and mean sentence lengths and supervised release imposed as well as fines and orders of restitution across all guidelines.
  • Drill down on sentences by offense, year(s), ethnicity, district, citizenship status, sex, criminal history, drug, education level and more.
  • View filterable graphs for average sentences by race, district, gender and more.
  • Export to Word or PDF. Print and save custom graphs and filters.


The U.S. Sentencing Guidelines are driven by 'emperical data and national experience, guided by a professional staff with appropriate expertise.' Kimbrough v. United States, 552 U.S. 85, 109(2007)

Now, for the first time, you will have access to the same data utilized by the United States Sentencing Commission, but with a powerful, user friendly interface to most effectively advocate for your client. Access our data anywhere - even right in the courtroom!

  • Use during plea negotiations to assist in obtaining favorable plea agreements
  • Use during the pre-sentence investigation to inform the probation officer
  • Use at sentencing to educate the Court
  • Provide a level of predictabillity to your clients

New for 2020, we now offer a Covid-19 Compassionate Release Kit including our proprietary BOP Covid-19 along with our custom Federal Sentencing Charts and Graphs

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Custom Briefs

We provide custom briefs based on our years of experience as experts in arguing sentence hearings using statistics.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our team has provided expert witness testimony on a very wide range of Federal cases in nearly every Circuit in the country.

Professional Research

Our pedigreed team of Federal Attorneys, Federal Statistics Experts, data scientists and statisticians regularly produce in-depth sentencing research and are adept at conducting custom sentencing studies.


We provide polished, clear and concise presentations that bring your arguments to life.

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    Effective Assistance of Counsel

    Defense counsel’s preparation before sentencing should include learning the court’s practices in exercising sentencing discretion . . . and the normal pattern of sentences for the offense involved.

    (see citation)